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Rash first appears

Sometime around late September, early October, I started noticing tiny, blister-like bumps on the sides of my fingers that would show up in small groups. Not right next to each other, maybe separated by 1/8-1/4". They were itchy and red and would pop and then go away and I would get them on another finger. They were only located between the webbing and the first knuckle on the sides of my fingers, on both hands.

At the time, I looked up things that it might be and it sounded most like dishydrosis, which it looked like was sometimes caused by eating foods which contained high amounts of nickel, including oatmeal, which I was eating in large and unusual quantities because I was having trouble breastfeeding and it was supposed to help boost my supply.

It didn't look like there was much I could do about it, so I stopped eating the oatmeal and continued to do things as normal. It might have gotten slightly better but basically stayed at the same level - low-level annoying, not too distracting or disruptive.

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